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TOTAL ELEGANCE is a premiere multi-cultural hair studio located in Sarasota, Florida.  Owners Audrey Morgan and Cindy Moreland welcome you  to relax and be pampered by their expert staff.  They are experienced in the proper care and styling of all types of hair, regardless of your heritage.


Audrey Morgan

AUDREY MORGAN is a specialist  in comb pressing, chemical services, hair coloring,  and hair care.  Her extensive experience with traditional styles allows you to keep your current style or update your look with something new.

Audrey understands the special hair care needs of African American and Latino men.  She has many of them among her regular customers.


Cindy Moreland

CINDY MORELAND is a Master Stylist. She specializes in natural hair/dreadlocks, all chemical solutions, hair coloring, hair extensions, and style cutting for men and women.

Are you getting MARRIED?  Cindy can help your whole wedding party.  Her skills in multi-cultural hair care give her the unique ability to style everyone in your wedding party's hair.  Let Cindy help make your wedding even more beautiful. 


Relax with a soothing Aroma Therapy scalp massage.  Get a Deep Cleansing facial and a French Manicure.  Have your hair Cut and Styled.  The many services of TOTAL ELEGANCE can help you maximize your natural beauty!


TOTAL ELEGANCE uses the finest hair care products available today.  Brands like DESIGN, NAIROBI, EPITOMI, & DUDLEY protect your hair and bring out it's beauty.


If your hair has been damaged or doesn't look its best, let our expert stylists develop a treatment plan to help restore your hair and protect it from more damage.




TOTAL ELEGANCE is a leading multi-cultural hair studio.  Latino, Caucasian, Hispanic, African American, Native American, Oriental, and Bi-Racial hair all have special needs.  Our stylists are experienced in caring for these different textures of hair. 

Cindy Moreland is an Ethnic Advanced Hair Trainer with over 15 years of experience.  TOTAL ELEGANCE has the training and experience to meet the special needs of YOUR hair.



TOTAL ELEGANCE offers you much more than a traditional barber shop.  We can help you properly care for your hair and scalp.    Moisturizing conditioners, protein treatments, and scalp massage are a few things that can leave your hair looking better than it ever has before.  Of course we also offer the good old shampoo and haircut.  Try us and you will never go back to a barber shop again.



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